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Air Sketch Tips from the iPad 101 Workshop

May 30th, 2012 Comments off

Air Sketch  picture of the Air Sketch icon

($9.99) Air Sketch allows you to mark up a presentation saved as a PDF and do so wirelessly, freeing you from the podium in the multimedia rooms. You can also use it as a wireless whiteboard. Be aware that to use the untethered option, Wi-Fi must be available. As in other apps, you can zoom in and pan using two fingers. Tip: Write smaller and more detailed text while zoomed in. Also, the eraser shrinks when zoomed in, allowing finer control. And see this post for how to use Air Sketch with Tegrity to record your presentation.

screen shot of the application tools in Air Sketch

Air Sketch Controls

These controls appear along the bottom of the application window.

  1. This button provides the server address of your iPad. Type this number into the URL field of a browser on the multimedia computer. Hit return, and your iPad will appear in the browser window.
  2. As you markup the whiteboard or a PDF, you can take a snapshot of what is currently on the iPad.
  3. All of your snapshots are kept in this folder.
  4. You can set the background image for Air Sketch here. It pulls from your Camera Roll or Photo Stream.
  5. You can share your sketch/annotated presentation here via email as a PDF or a JPG, or you can save it to your photo library (Camera Roll and/or Photo Stream).
  6. These are the Undo and Redo buttons.
  7. You can select various line weights and colors here. There is also a highlighting tool.
  8. An eraser
  9. This clears the board.

Tips from the Air Sketch website

How to open a PDF file in Air Sketch

  1. Email the PDF file to yourself or use a File Manager App that supports the “Open In . . .” feature, such as Dropbox, to transfer it to your iPad.
  2. Open the PDF file within Mail or the third-party file manager app to view it.
  3. Tap “Open In . . .” and select Air Sketch.

Working with PDF files

  • Air Sketch works with one PDF file at a time and doesn’t store or manage PDF files directly.
  • Tap the page number on the PDF page controls to quickly jump to any page.
  • Tap Share-> Email as PDF to email the entire annotated PDF document.
  • Note: There appears to be a limit to the size of email attachments on the iPad. We’ve (the “we” here are the app developers) found that documents under around 10MB (or PDF files up to around 75 pages) tend to be sent ok, but sending larger ones may fail. This appears to be an OS limitation and happens in other apps as well, which we hope will be addressed in a future upgrade.

For more additional information about Air Sketch, visit qrayon’s website, the developer of Air Sketch:

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Safari Tips from the iPad 101 Workshop

May 29th, 2012 Comments off

Safari is the default browser for the iPad. Open new tabs using the “+” symbol at the top right of the browser window. Close tabs by tapping the small “x” symbol on the left side of the active tab. Another feature within Safari is the Reader option that is available on some sites. It allows you to read just an article from a website without all of the surrounding stuff. Look for the Reader button in the right side of the URL field.  Safari browser Reader button

screen shot of the Share options within Safari on the iPad

Add Bookmark
Add a bookmark to give yourself an easy way of checking back with a favorite website. You may add a bookmark to the Bookmark list, to the Bookmarks Bar just below the URL field in Safari, or to any sub-folder you may have created within Bookmarks.

Add to Reading List
This feature allows you to save particular pages from a website or articles to read at a later time. See Reading List below.

Add to Home Screen
This feature adds a website link in the form of an icon to your iPad’s home screen. Consider creating a home screen icon for MyBama, the eTech iPad blog, or other frequently visited websites.

screen shot of the Safari bookmarks menu on the iPad

Bookmarks (illus. above)

Within the Bookmarks button you will find your Reading List, your browsing history, the ability to clear your browsing history, and a list of any bookmarks or bookmark subfolders you may have created. Bookmarks can be synced using iCloud (as long as your office or home computer are running iCloud with Lion OS for the Mac or Windows 7) making bookmarks that you save on your home or office computer instantly available on your iPad (and visa versa).

screen shot of Safari Reading List from the iPad

Reading List (illus. above)

Reading List allows you to save particular web pages for viewing at a later date. This feature also syncs with iCloud so that your Reading List will be available to you on all of the computers you are running that have Safari and iCloud enabled. Currently, Reading List within Safari has no offline reading options, though those are rumored to be in development.

-Rebecca Johnson

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