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iPads and Academic Continuity in the College of Arts and Sciences

January 9th, 2014 Comments off

We’ve had a busy couple of semesters here in the College of Arts and Sciences, helping to implement a series of measures that we will test during our college-wide academic continuity exercises. What’s academic continuity? It’s the ability for departments and other units within the university to carry on operations and services in the event of a disaster or other major disruption.

A couple of years back, Dean Robert Olin decided that iPads with cellular data would be an important part of his academic continuity plan. The device would ensure that all faculty and staff in the college had a tool that they could use to communicate with fellow staff and faculty and interface to some extent with some university systems.

I’m attaching to this post a document that describes the basics of the academic continuity exercise that each department in the college is being asked to take on. I’m also attaching two password-protected tutorials for faculty and staff in the college. We’re posting these tutorials so that we can make them available to our users through Casper, our mobile device management system.

–Rebecca Johnson

Academic Continuity in the College of Arts and Sciences

Setting up AnyConnect.protected

Setting Up Files Connect.protected

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