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Remote Desktop App – SplashTop

June 15th, 2011

SplashTop Remote Desktop Review

With a plethora of remote desktop applications in the app store, which one is best?

I have tried and tested several remote desktop apps, some of which include LogMeIn-Ignition, Remote Desktop Lite, GoToMyPC , and a few others. After installing and setting up SplashTop Remote app, it is then that I truly appreciated what the $1.99 app had to offer.

Unique to SplashTop is its ability to stream video and audio to the iPad from the host computer. This means that you can listen to your iTunes or Windows media library on your iPad, connect to your office computer and work on files within SPSS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so much more.

Click icon above to watch video of SplashTop in action.

-Paul Jarnagin

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