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iPad Tips

March 11th, 2011

Here are some handy tips for using the iPad more efficiently:

Hidden Punctuation Marks:

While typing, swiping up quickly on the comma key will immediately insert an apostrophe; swiping up on the period key inserts a quotation mark. Holding down punctuation marks can also bring up extra options. For example tapping and holding the period key on the punctuation keyboard will show an ellipsis that can be inserted into your text. Other hidden punctuation marks include the bullet and an em-dash which can be found by holding down the hyphen key.

Accented Letters :

To use accented letters press and hold on a vowel to display a pop-up containing accented versions of the selected character appears. Then just select the accented character you wish to use from the pop-up and it will be inserted in to your text. Below is the an image of what the accented letter option for the letter “i” looks like:

Launching Apps Quickly:

If you need to find an app quickly but hate scrolling through pages of apps or searching through multiple folders of apps there is a faster way. First tap the home button to get to the main iPad home screen. Then tap the button again to bring up the search program on your iPad. Next type the first few letters of that hard-to-find app’s name, and then tap on the correct app when it appears in the search results.  Below is an image showing the search function being used to find an app on the iPad:

–Jason Miller



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