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How to Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

April 8th, 2011

Link to original post: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/35783/how-to-maximize-battery-life-on-your-ipad-iphone-or-ipod-touch/

After reading the article, all of the given pointers will help to get you the most out of your battery. However, there are a few that are more beneficial than others. I have summarized those for you below:

•    Keep your iDevice Out of the Sun – This is probably the most important tip to remember in keeping your battery up to par.
•    Reduce the Screen Brightness – You will need to adjust this to individual taste. I found that 50% is a reasonable setting and you will still benefit from extended battery life.
•    Disable Bluetooth If You Don’t Need it- very good tip, since the iPad will continuously scan for Bluetooth sources. Turn this setting off, until you need to add a peripheral to gain that extra bit of battery life.
•    (iPhone Only*) Disable Vibrate feature in Games – The vibration function uses quite a bit of juice, since the actual mechanism is a tiny motor that pulls battery power to operate. Turn this feature off to prolong battery life as well.

There are a few pointers the article mentions that may be more of an irritant to work around than to simply leave them at their default setting.

•    Reduce or Eliminate Push Notifications – With this setting disabled, you will not be notified immediately of new mail until you click refresh, or wait on a predetermined amount of time.
•    Reduce or Eliminate System Sounds – Very little impact on battery life, and if turned off, you lose the ability to have audible cues as to new email arrival, calendar events etc.

-Paul Jarnagin

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