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Dr. Steven Ramey–iPads and Religious Studies

August 31st, 2011

The iPad that I received became a part of my pedagogical technology in both REL 220 and REL 490 (Capstone Seminar) during Spring 2011. The most consistent use of the iPad was annotating Powerpoint presentations during class without being tied to the podium, using Airsketch. I faced some difficulty with the program, especially at the start of the semester. Some advice from eTech and an app update improved the performance. Based on this experience, I particularly want to continue using the iPad with Airsketch to control and annotate presentations in large enrollment courses where I move about a 170-seat auditorium. In REL 490, I used my iPad and one borrowed from a colleague on several occasions to facilitate small group evaluation of internet sources, emphasizing the analysis of representations of different religious communities in Alabama. This pedagogical application of the iPad was relatively successful, although it was limited by the availability of only two iPads in the department at the beginning of the semester.

Steven Ramey is an associate professor in Religious Studies and the director of the Asian Studies program. His field of specialty is the religions of India. He has focused his research and his writing on the experiences of transition in context of migration within and beyond Asia.

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